with Daniel McNeil. Diversity, Art, and the Academy: The Revolution Will Be Live. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Carleton University. Feb 22 2016.

Nothing to Lose But Our Fear: Resistance in Dangerous Times by Fiona JeffriesBriarpatch Magazine 44.5 Sept/Oct 2015: 36.

The Things I Heard About You by Alex Leslie. Matrix Magazine Jan 2015.

Bone and Bread by Saleema Nawaz. Matrix Magazine 98 2014: 61.

Thank You For the Window Office by Maged ZaherLemon Hound Sep 2013.

The Book of Frog by Jan Zwicky. Matrix Magazine 95 2013: 61.

Blue Sunflower Startle by Yasmin Ladha. Matrix Magazine 91 2011: 60-61.



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