“Whose CanLit: Solidarity and Accountability in Literary Communities” in Refuse: CanLit in Ruins. Edited by Hannah McGregor, Julie Rak, and Erin Wunker. Book*hug, forthcoming in 2019.

Cautious Optimism and CanLit. Canadian Women in the Literary Arts. 21 December 2017.

Beyond Inclusion: Twenty Years of Writing Thru RaceRicepaper Magazine 20.4 2016: 20-23.

Beyond Autoethnography: Fictocriticism as a Feminist Writing Strategy. South Asian Review 34.3 2013:103-120.

Expect Expectations: Reading “Ethnic” Literature Through a Multicultural LensPlenitude: Your Queer Arts and Literature Magazine. Feb 2013.

Vamps, Heroines, Otherwise: Diasporic Women Resisting EssentialismTopia: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies 26 2011: 127-144.



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